Welcome to the Wonderful World of Neat

The home of sustainably delicious plant-based food!

What's on the menu
  • 100% Plant Based

    All of our products are made from plants (not that you’d be able to tell!). Healthy, clean, familiar ingredients you would find in your cupboard – cleverly concocted into the Neat products you see on our menu!

  • Sustainably Made

    From our pioneering plant-based restaurants, to our recyclable plastic-free packaging, our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Clean Ingredients

    Our entire product line is organic! This means no GMOs, no antibiotics, no weird chemicals – no nasties! Just the best ingredients carefully chosen for flavour and for the environment.

  • Planet Friendly

    Neat products are created with two things in mind. To be better for you, and better for our planet. We keep our carbon footprint low by using vertical-farming solutions to source our ingredients as locally as possible.

  • Flavour Explosion

    We’re BIG on taste. Our food scientists have deconstructed flavour profiles to replicate and elevate the same great taste of meat. Just better for you, and the planet!

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